Pulse Chain, An Undervalued Project In The Crypto Space.


HEX founder Richard Heart launched his project Pulse Chain last year, which is a fork of the Ethereum network with much lower transaction fees plus a lot more decentralized, and it is starting to make some big waves in the crypto space.

Just like his first project HEX, Pulse Chain started off with a lot of hate and FUD from people within the space, especially Bit coiners.

Richard Heart has a certain way of marketing his products that gets under some peoples skin and causes them to talk negatively about his projects, but at the same time this marketing strategy has amassed a huge following of De Fi enthusiast’s, long term investors, community members and a large amount of content creators on X (formally known as Twitter)

According to Luna Crush and at the time of writing this post, there is a staggering amount of creators, posts and interactions across social platforms for Pulsechain, see the image below:

what is pulsechain

The SEC vs Richard Schueler (Heart)

Federal Securities Law Violations

Not too long after the launch of Pulse chain Network back in June of 2023, Gary Gensler and the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a civil complaint against Richard Heart claiming that he raised more than $1 billion through the unregistered offer and sale of “crypto asset securities.”

These offerings were Pulse chain, Pulse X and HEX tokens.

Misappropriation Of Funds

It is also being claimed by the SEC that Heart misappropriated at least $12 million of investor funds, and allegedly have proof of transactions to purchase luxury goods including a 555-carat black diamond, high-end sports cars, and luxury Rolex watches with said investor funds.

Hex Token and Pulse chain Sell-Off

This news last year created a big sell off on HEX, Pulsechain and Pulsex, around a 70% drop on the price of PLS in a matter of days. But the PLS price has since recovered and started to move towards ATH.

SEC overreaching?

The SEC are known to attack projects in the crypto space they do not like, we have seen this with XRP and Ripple Labs, Binance, Coin Base and a few others. Most of the time the SEC lose these cases.

The crypto industry has little to no clear laws and regulations set in stone yet and the SEC just try to make laws up as they go along which most of the time do not stand up in the court of law.

This court case sparked a lot of controversy surrounding Heart and rumors and FUD started to spread that he is on the run and hiding from the SEC, but the whole time Heart had hired the Litterial A team of Lawyers to fight his case, and responded to the SEC with a legal letter, dated January 9, 2024, to Judge Carol Bagley Amon of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, which outlined their intention to request a pre-motion conference.

Richard Heart also Tweeted this right after his legal team responded.

what is pulsechain

Who is Richard Heart’s legal team?

Heart hired a team of 11 world class lawyers to represent him in his case against the SEC.

The legal team consists of Michael Liftik, who is a former SEC Deputy Chief of Staff, who offers a wealth of knowledge from his time working at the Securities And Exchange Commission. Accompanying Liftik are Nicholas J. Inns and Kristin N. Tahler from Quinn Emmanuel, who have vast backgrounds in military law and international corporate defense.

Next up is Chris Davis and Joshua D. Smeltzer, from the Grey Reed team. Davis is a former Senior Trial Counsel at the SEC and Smeltzer is a former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer who has a lot of experience in government investigations and compliance.

Contributing their vast knowledge in multi-jurisdictional issues and regulatory investigations are Jeffrey D. Rotenberg, Patrick J. Smith, and Brian T. Burns from Clark Smith Villazor.

Last but not least, David E. Kirk and Michael W. Ingram from Kirk and Ingram LLP, a firm who’s focus is corporate law, federal securities law, and digital assets.

Together, the experience of this legal team reflects a comprehensive understanding of securities laws, regulatory nuances of crypto assets, and the wide array of legal complexities associated with crypto assets, not to mention members of this legal team have represented Coinbase, Tesla and Ripple Labs in the past.

So whats next?

The conference was originally scheduled for January, then was moved to February, and is now scheduled for April. A lawyer on X who goes by the pseudonym @NuclearHerbs said the following:

SEC to the Court today (my translation):

“Our lead counsel can’t figure out how to not put two things on his calendar for the same time, and Spring Break is coming up fast, so we need to put off the whole initial scheduling conference until late March if that’s cool with you. k thx bye.” It will be granted, of course. Because that’s what happens IRL.

what is pulsechain


The response to the SEC from Richard Heart and his legal team has brought a lot of confidence back into HEX and the Pulsechain eco-system, pushing the pulse chain price up over 200% at the time of writing.

Even with this recent price move, when you compare Pulsechain to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and other major blockchains who are already trading very close to ATH’s and already made their big moves, it has not even started yet.

PLS, the native token of Pulsechain is only 60% above pre sale (Sacrifice) price and still has a relatively low market cap, making it in my opinion the most undervalued blockchain out there right now and should not be overlooked.

The Wolf of Bitcoins

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